Why Invest

Our team of consultants work with you and other our other partners to establish an investment strategy that sees you a path to future financial security.

As an investor we will put the down the guide lines that will see you work way towards a long term plan based on where you would want to see yourself in the future. We enlighten you towards strategies that have proven itself over and over again throughout the past hundreds of years.

Proven Growth Over Time

If you take the last 25 years into consideration, the markets in Australia have had to experience worldwide issues such as two gulf wars, 9/11 in the USA, the war in Afghanistan, 2004 Tsunami in South East Asia, The financial meltdown of 2008, the 2011 European financial crisis and much more. Even after all these catastrophes a property bought in the early 90's would have easily doubled or more by now in any Area of Melbourne.

Growth Demand as a Developing Nation

Australia as a country has one of the highest number of new immigrations per year in the world. Immigration rates have increased by 28% just in the last decade according to the the Immigration Department. This coupled with its natural birth rate makes acute demand for new dwellings.

Negative Gearing

Negative gearing is an way for investors gain the maximum out of the taxation system in Australia. With the correct advice and the correct property negative gearing is the most tax efficient strategy. This helps to lessen you tax bill as well as give you the opportunity to increase your property portfolio with less outgoings.

Negative gearing in property is where the costs of holding a property exceed the return on that property. This gives you an opportunity to use these losses in order to create a better situation for you financially.

Stamp Duty Savings

Victoria provides its investors with stamp duty savings for investing in brand new properties. Whether buying apartments or house and land packages, investors are liable to a certain potion of stamp duty. As an incentive for buying brand new this stamp duty payment is considerably reduced, with apartments being significantly reduced than house land packages due to various reasons.

Since these payments are not financed by your banks you stand the opportunity of not having to use your savings to pay for these stamp duties.

Low Repayments

Due to a low interest repayments as well as a great strategies, investors only have to meet with extremely low out of pocket repayments. Using various tools such as high growth areas, depreciation, great finance packages and smart buys APPG and its partners strive our best to make sure that investing doesn't mean any compromise in your present day activities. This in return helps you return to the market much faster giving you more time for your property to grow before you need to exit.

Low Maintenance

As well as not compromising your present day finances we try our best to make sure your quality of life remains the same. Unlike other investments where it needs your attention all the while. We structure your property with right people and in a manner in order for you to not have to worry about it on a day to day basis. With the correct strategy the only time it would require your attention is when either it is time for the routine inspection or when a tenant is moving out.

Lowest Risk

As investments go, property carries the lowest risk assessment when compared to investments such as currency and share trading. Being a long term investment the risk associated with property is further negated to due having time on its side to recover from any short term downfall it may have. As history has shown us, just by holding on to property over long periods of time can make you achieve much higher returns than most other investments. This couples with some of the above reasons make it the easiest way to achieve your financial goals.

The above points show as to why you should invest in property in Australia. How pick the best property that suits your personal requirements is what we expertise in.

Different financial and personal requirements have to be dealt with individually with property that suits that particular individual. Simple questions such as whether it should be a high rent property in comparison to a high growth property, is looking interstate the best option, apartment or house & land have to be answered according to the personal requirements as mentioned.

Contact our consultants to learn what is best for you and how you can go down that path to achieving the financial freedom we all desire.