These are a few of the many questions that we believe that should be answered before you make your final investment decision

If you want your investment property to be in a great location, with all the amenities just at your door step and with all premium inclusions that money could buy, look no further than a apartment.

Apartments although smaller in size in comparison to a house, normally has much better return per square meter due to it location. A few boxes that you need to tick before you settle on a apartment is listed below.

  • Location
  • Amenities in the development as well as its surroundings
  • Body corporate fee expectations
  • Rental & Sales Price Averages of the area
  • Inclusions included at no extra cost
  • If its a off the plan property, expected construction times and the developers past experiences

These are a few of the many questions that we believe that should be answered before you make your final decision. We at A.P.P.G use our experience as well as past records to make sure that we put the best possible fit to you.

One of the best possible and secure property investments out there in the market at the moment is purchasing an a apartment Off The Plan. It is explained below.

Understanding Off-The Plan Buying

The term 'off the plan' refers to purchasing property before it's constructed. To secure a property in Australia, a deposit equal to 10% of the purchase price is required.

Prior to completion of the project, the 10% deposit is held securely in a solicitor's trust account. During construction, neither the purchaser, developer nor the builder can access these funds for any purpose.

In most circumstances, the developer arranges his own finance for funding the building stage of a project. Some of the advantages of purchasing at the early stages of the development are after the 10% deposit is paid, there are no further repayments till completion of the project.

Only at settlement can these deposits be released to the developer. At settlement a local investor would approach his or her bank for financing the rest of the amount needed.

If you are an overseas investor , approximately 2-3months prior to settlement, is where we require the remainder of 10%. The shortfall of the investment is financed by the bank of your choice.

Capital Growth

During the time for presales + construction period, of which can vary between 12-24months- the value of the property can potentially appreciate by a considerable amount. Rental Yield – Again taking into consideration time for presales + construction period, over a 12-24 month after completion – the value of rent can potentially increase.

Example you purchased an off the plan property in 2010 for $350,000AUD and it was renting in the market at $320.00AUD per/week. On completion of this property, 2012, this property could potentially be rented at $325.00-$350.00.

Lock in on Price

A huge benefit to buying property 'off the plan' is that you are guaranteed a lock-in price. Paying upfront for a property that is being built rather than having to wait for it to be built and then paying is a big advantage, because the savings can be significant. Sure, you may only save a couple of percentage points.

But when it comes to buying property, this can translate into saving tens of thousands of dollars for other expenses down the road.


Another important advantage to purchasing property 'off the plan' is that since you are moving in before actual construction, you have a greater degree of choice when it comes to customization.

Generally buying 'off the plan' enables you to have an option from 2-3 different colour schemes, choice of carpet or tiles through living space and choosing a standard kitchen finish or upgrade of ?appliances and finishes.

This freedom of choice makes purchasing 'off the plan' very convenient, if you have special features in mind for a home, or even for an investment property that you intend to make money out of.


As outlined earlier, buying 'off the plan' can really save you money. Developers need to sell many units 'off the plan' before they can begin construction.

Without the initial financial investments of other people purchasing 'off the plan', the developer cannot get the project off the ground. Therefore, developers are able to offer attractive prices and discounts to those who invest.

Buying 'off the plan' is an excellent way to save money by getting in on the ground floor.

Tax and Other Incentives

Purchasing a property 'off the plan' comes with a number of financial incentives. For one, buyers of new developments are given certain tax breaks that they wouldn't receive from buying an old or existing structure.

Furthermore, since age plays a factor in insurance matters, buildings bought 'off the plan' will save you a bundle on home insurance and other costs. 'Off the plan' properties are generally designed to be greener, and more energy efficient as well.