First Home Buyers

Make the right decision while not compromising on the quality of your first home


We understand that buying your first home is one of most important decisions you would take in your life. It is because of this importance that we believe that this first property should be a stepping stone to a future with multiple properties.

As a first home buyer there are several mistakes that you can make. Buying in the wrong areas, over extending yourself, buying the wrong type property and getting wrong type of finance options are a few of the mistake that a buyer can make.

Our property experts can help make you make the right decision while not compromising on the quality of your first home.

Guiding you towards the finance personal, making sure that you don't have any surprises after buying and also showing you the best possible areas to suit your personal requirements are a few ways our consultants at APPG can help you out with.

At the moment Victorian first home buyers are eligible for up to $10,000 in government grants for building a new home. Further more stamp duty savings of up to 40% could also apply on your purchase. We are able to help you how to best structure your purchase in order to get these benefits and other benefits that you would be eligible for.

Guest Bathroom Kitchen Dining Area

Call on of our consultants in order to see how you can get these above mentioned benefits and other assistance in looking for first home, or send us a quick message below.